Earn Homestead Bucks for your Next Dumpster Rental Service!


We at Homestead realize that word of mouth is the most effective way to generate new dumpster rental business.  As long as we have been in business, our customers have referred family, friends and associates to Homestead Disposal.  

We would like to introduce a new rewards program as a "Thank you" to our customers who are putting in a good word for Homestead.  

When you refer us to a friend or associate (and they put an order through on our secure online order form), be sure they fill out the “referred by” field with your name.  Every order we receive with you as a referrer, will earn you $20 Homestead Bucks  for you to use on your next dumpster rental order.  There is no limit  to the amount of Homestead Bucks you can earn, and there is no expiration for use. 

Whenever you submit an order, we will automatically apply  any Homestead Bucks you have earned to the order.  

We hope you enjoy the rewards and Thank You to all our customers for your continued patronage!