Homestead Disposal offers only 4 yard dumpster rentals for ABCDEF debris in Eastern Massachusetts. These dumpsters are for dedicated clean loads of asphalt, block, concrete, dirt, earth & fill only.  Homestead Disposal offers a quality, personalized and timely ABCDEF dumpster rental service that has earned maximum customer satisfaction throughout its history. The prices and terms are listed below.  We look forward to serving you!

Note: ABC dumpsters are for clean loads only of Asphalt, Block, Concrete (no rebar). These materials may be mixed with each other, but may not me mixed with ANY other materials. There is no weight limit associated with ABC dumpster rentals, but if any trash, wood, dirt, etc. is placed in an ABC dumpster, it will have to be taken to a transfer station and the customer will be responsible for the entire weight at $135 per ton. 

DEF dumpsters are for clean loads of Dirt Earth or Fill. No other material may not be mixed with a DEF dumpster. There is no weight limit associated with DEF rentals, but if ANY other material is mixed with DEF material, it will have to be taken to a transfer station and the customer will be responsible for the entire weight at $135 per ton.

For yard waste, please see our Yard Waste Dumpster Rental Pricing. For home and construction debris, please see our Home & Construction Debris Dumpster Rental Pricing

4 yard ABCDEF dumpster rental 

12ft long x 8ft wide x 2ft high

$450 for 7 days

*see terms & additional charges below

* terms:  Rental includes delivery and removal of dumpster and disposal of ABCDEF debris. $10 per day after rental period. 

Homestead Disposal, Inc will not accept any Asbestos, Medical Waste or any Liquid Waste (Paint, Oil, Solvents, etc.)  The disposal of hazardous or special wastes is strictly prohibited in our dumpster rental.  If any hazardous or special waste is found in the dumpster rental, the dumpster will be quarantined until such time as the dumpster is made legal for disposal.  All additional cost associated with hazardous and special waste will be the customer's financial responsibility. 

What customers say about our local dumpster rental service ...

"I have asked them to put dumpsters in some pretty tight driveways in Somerville with cars parked on both sides of the street and the driver still was able to get the dumpster in.  I have trust in their abilities and for times when I can't make it out to the property on the delivery day I just leave a chalk line in the driveway where I want the back of the dumpster, call and give them the instructions, and the driver leaves it within a few inches of where I want it."

~ Mark O. on Yelp

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